A hard and heavy band that combines stadium choruses with strong and heavy riffs, mind-breaking melodies, impulsive drums and grooving bass lines, mixed with progressive elements – this was Ricky Bonazza’s vision. Very soon his vision became a reality. 

On his own, Ricky started writing and recording all instrumentals for the band’s debut album, self titled, Invisible Mirror. The album was then released by the label Farewell Music and is now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon. 

In order to perform the songs live, Claude, Seba, and Denis, were hired as session musicians initially. The following shows were such a huge success, that everyone felt the fire on stage and ultimately decided to stick with Invisible Mirror. Shortly after, the band performed on several festivals including the True as Steel-Festival in Zurich’s legendary Dynamo. More shows followed with acts such as, former Iron Maiden Singer „Blaze Bayley and german power metal band „At Vance. In 

2014 Invisible Mirror signed a worldwide record deal with the Italian label Worm Holed Death Records and would soon enter the studio to record new material. 

With Dani Löble (Helloween) and Connie Andreska (ex Mystic Prophecy)the band started writing and producing their new album called 
„On The Edge Of Tomorrow. 

Right after finishing the recordings, the band jumped out on the road to support death metal icons „Six Feet Under on their X-Mas In Hell Tour. At this time the finishing touches are being put on the new album. 

„On The Edge Of Tomorrow is set to be released this year with new singer and frontman Chris Schwarz.